LP003 : The Velvet Underground - White Light / White Heat


The recording was raw and oversaturated. Cale has stated that while the debut had some moments of fragility and beauty, White Light/White Heat was “consciously anti-beauty.” The title track and first song starts things off with Lou Reed pounding on the piano like Jerry Lee Lewis. The eerie, hallucinatory “Lady Godiva’s Operation” remains Reed’s favorite track on the album. Despite the dominance of noisefests like “Sister Ray” and “I Heard Her Call My Name,” there was room for the darkly comic “The Gift,” a short story written by Reed and narrated by Cale in his deadpan Welsh accent. The meditative “Here She Comes Now” was later covered by Galaxie 500, R.E.M., Cabaret Voltaire, and Nirvana.

Condition : Sealed
Price : RM150